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Brad W
Wonderful Resource, Fantastic References, Easy To Connect With! What a wonderful individual and a knowledgeable resource! I was referred to her by very credible Mental health experts at the Amen clinic who holds her understanding of nutrition for brain health in high regard! She seems to really enjoy what she does and has many years of experience, and science to support her positions! Her social and interpersonal skills portrayed a confident professionalism while her practical life experiences made dialog easy and enjoyable! I believe you get what you pay for with Haleh! I recommend her!
Nicole R
Thank you Very sweet and informative! Haleh is so fun and pleasant to visit! I look forward to seeing her every time ❤️ worth it!! She values your time and I'm so grateful to have found her!
Chris B
What a gift!! The experience that we are having with Haleh is hard to put into words. The English language and the size of this space is too limiting for all the superlatives necessary. Haleh is the most gifted of any professional I have ever known. Being most effective in any professional field requires not only the command of the technical knowledge but also the ability to communicate effectively that knowledge for the benefit of the patient/ client. She is one of the brightest people I know and when you couple that with her incredible ability to relate and communicate so effectively and her use of her amazing intuition to deliver whatever is needed at the appropriate time, it is almost a surreal experience. We feel so blessed to have her in our lives and on our team.
Rob W
Amazing! Review of Haleh Olsen I first came to see Haleh about 1 year ago. At the time I was having multiple health issues and was hoping to start making healthier choices in my life. Years of self abuse and neglect had left me overweight, tired, sick, miserable. Haleh welcomed me in without any judgements or doubts. With complete care for all of my complex problems and struggles both physically and mentally and accounted for my medications, life style, and most importantly means and abilities. She focused on my strengths and helped me to nurture and refine them, whilst steadily but always easily and conveniently adding in new ways to convert my old system of doing things into a healthy and positive track forward, formulated specifically and expertly to perfectly suit my particular needs. The end result has been nothing short of miraculous, and my transformation physically, mentally and spiritually are incredible. I've lost nearly 100 pounds and feel healthy, happy and excited about the future. I have a new way of looking at food and myself and my body and my health, and it is all thanks to Haleh's brilliant understanding of nutrition and the ways she has gently, cleverly and 'warmly' coaxed me to embrace positive changes, whilst taking the time and care to explain and impart her wisdom in an easy going and fun way. Haleh truly cares about helping people, and I am living proof, she is in a word... Amazing! Thank you Haleh!
Chris B
Amazing Experience My wife and I have started going to Honu Nutrition over a month ago. I was extremely impressed wit Haleh Olsen-her demeanor, her knowledge, her ability to communicate, her authenticity, her compassion, etc. I am highly critical of professional services, being a professional services provider myself. Haleh deserves 5+Starts. We couldn't be happier.
Denise C
Excellent Experience I highly recommend Honu Nutrition for your nutritional needs! Haleh has been a great source and I love her approach.
Betty B
Very satisfied Very happy ,5 stars!!
Julie A
Honus nutrition Best nutritionalist I have ever used. She starts where I am @ & building from there. Patient, respectful & full of information & best recipes ever!
Sinclair W
Honu Nutrition Haleh is great! She is very friendly and easy to talk to. I was initially hesitant because I knew of Bastyr's reputation and I am generally skeptical of naturopathic treatments, being a bioengineer. Haleh immediately reassured me with her knowledge and her very systematic (almost scientic method) approach to finding a solution for me. Haleh explained the science behind my symptoms and has repeatedly demonstrated her understanding of the interaction between nutrition and physiology. She is very diligent about investigating plans for me. I am looking forward to working with her more!
Audery L
Thank you I appreciate your understanding of the digestive process and your patients in my complicated process
Jordan M
Wonderful! Haleh did a great job of asking questions, explaining fully what she thought I might be struggling with and making suggestions that were right for my life and budget. Highly recommend!
Great experience! Haleh is wonderful. Some of her qualities include being patient, a good listener, positive, supportive, knowledgeable. I am someone who is new to seeing a nutritionist and I could not ask for a better guide to help me accomplish my goals.
Pamela K
Uplifting and inspirational Haleh inspires me! With her vast knowledge and ability to explain everything in terms that are easy for a nutritional novice to understand. I greatly value Haleh! She is a Godsend!
Fresh approach to nutrition My partner and I have different dietary needs so we need help with our diet. I appreciate Haleh’s outside the box thinking, to get to a plan that isn’t a cookie cutter approach (which hasn’t worked for us). I love that she is open about her own journey with nutrition and wellness, to help you see a real example of how her methods can work. We are early in our journey with Haleh, but I trust her abilities to get and keep us on the right path.
Elliotte Bagg
Top Notch Nutritionist! Every appointment with Haleh has been a great experience and really beneficial in improving my health. When I first contacted her to set up an appointment she was very helpful and responsive in guiding me through the process over email. That left a great first impression that has continued through our work on bettering my diet, physical and mental health. After every visit she follows up with an in-depth email summarizing what we covered for me to refer back to. I would definitely recommend Honu Nutrition to anyone hoping to improve their diet and health!
Elisa H
After working with Honu Nutrition I continue to be encouraged that I'm on the right track to discover the root of my weight problem and fatty liver disease. Honu Nutrition keeps my hopes alive. Answers and solutions are on their way!
Trish R
Awesome I enjoy meeting up with Halen, i feel like i am meeting with someone who understands and genuinely care about me. Thank you.
Honest & Trustful Haleh is very knowledgable. She listens very well. She enthusiastically shows how to proceed with the changes in the diet or life style or simply the supplements she would recommend. She clearly explains the way they work for the body and also follow up genuinely to make sure we are on the right track. She has never tried to sell me anything while she provides recommendations - mostly the most pure and potent ones and you can find them in Amazon. I am very grateful to see her!
Elisa H
5 The education and explanations that come to me from Honu Nutrition are amazingly helpful and thorough. I leave completely able to follow the directions and understand what and why I am doing for my health.
Andrew Levine
Review of initial meeting with Nutritionist Haley Olsen Review of Haleh Olsen Very good first meeting. Communicated quite well and pleasantly with me and my wife. Made me very hopeful about further improvement in my diet and weight loss to assist my other health issues. Looking forward toward getting further details from Haley!!
Pamela S
Life Cheerleader Haleh is one of the best persons I know... She is incredibly knowledgeable in many areas but always manages to explain concepts in relatable terms. I always gain a great deal of useful information and feel uplifted as well.
Elisa H
My First Appointment I was totally surprised with my first appointment at Honu Nutrition. The education and way it was delivered worked for my brain to grasp and appreciate and begin to apply later that day and it carried over to the next day. I had a firm grasp on where we were headed and why and how we would get to my goal. I am so encouraged after being so disappointed in so many 'medical professionals'. Than you Honu Nutrition!
Pamela K
Incredible Haleh is the perfect combination of nutritionist, counselor, educator and lifestyle coach. She makes complex microbiological terms understandable, always provides usable information for me to use and makes me feel empowered to make the changes to my life for the better. I am blessed to be working with her.
Best Nutritionist Really very satisfied with haleh. She did a great research even on minute things & came back with all possible solutions. I will absolutely recommend her to all my family & friends.
Kristin B
Amazing knowledge and care Haleh is very knowledgeable and caring with her patients. I totally trust the path she has me on with getting my health back to a good place. I appreciate her approach and focus on the whole body and mind. Trust she is leading me in the right direction after many years of trying to do it myself... Thank you Haleh😊
Lakshmi C
Amazing She is Amazing with the mix of Traditional and western medicine.
Patricia R
So excited We are so excited after speaking with Honleih, so start our journey to our healthier family.
Kaylie H
Simply amazing Haleh is incredibly smart and knows what she is talking about. She works with each person individually. I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next!!
Jody S
thinks outside the box In today's world you really need someone looking into all aspects of ones life to figure out what might work and not work. Haleh is particularly good at asking the right questions and makes changes gradually so you can be successful. Money and Time well spent. highly recommend.
A lifesaver I started seeing Haleh when I was coming out of a genuine nervous breakdown and learning how to live from the ground up. She's been so positive as she has guided me to learn how to eat in a healthy way that is life sustaining.
Kari M
Love her! Haleh is the best.
Bonnie M
Winderful Haleah is very warm and approachable. I appreciate her unique and creative approach to meals for travel. Look forward to working With her.
Helpful In the short amount of time I have gone to Honu Nutrition I have learned so many new ways of feeding my body. I am so excited to learn more.
Sue H
Amazing Nutritionist! Haleh is a rock star among nutritionists. Her level of knowledge is amazing, and the research she did on my rare condition and the best nutrition to support it was outstanding. Non-judgmental, honest, kind, smart - I love working with her and learning new things about my body and nutrition. She works with me where I am, encouraging me and keeping me accountable. I highly recommend working with Haleh!
Carrie C
Perdonsl Coaching Session Haleh is a smart and compassionate coach. Always open to questions, provided excellent and realistic advise, suggestions. Very sensitive to honoring me as part of the meal planning. Excellent!
Laura L
Thank you! Loving all of this education & information!
Allie K
Awesome I have really loved the guidance I have received. Excited to see the changes we can make in the future.
Abby S
So grateful... I am so blessed to have found Haleh at Honu Nutrition. She was highly recommended by my psychiatrist to help bring balance to my body and mind. Haleh is kind, non- judgemental, and empathetic. Her knowledge of the way our body works is incredible. She did a thorough evaluation and is now walking with me one simple step at a time in a way that is not overwhelming or restrictive. She is educating me so I understand the reasons behind her method. I have already had some small successes following her recommendations, so I finally feel some hope and am excited for the journey ahead. I highly and gratefully recommend!
Chantel T
Truly Lovely I had an amazing experience! I would completely highly recommend and believe me, you won't be disappointed.
Angela W
Thank you, Haleh! I appreciated your expertise, patience and compassion. You made me feel comfortable and have given me a great plan to get back into a healthier lifestyle. Thank you for taking such good care of me.
Madisen B
Love Halleh! Halleh is an amazing nutritionist and I'm so glad we've found her. She's extremely knowledgeable and is really helpful. She also has a very cute dog on request :)
Trish R
Awesome Receive positive and valid information
Kathryn M
Great, Genuine Care My first time meeting with Honu Nutrition and I was really impressed. Dr. Haleh was very sincere and down to earth. She listened and went along with the things that make me comfortable with nutrition and didn't start off my nutrition plan too intense. Highly recommend!
Makes me feel like I'm not crazy I have had a lot of weight issues throughout my life, and I don't really eat that much. Doctors continue to tell me to just eat less and exercise more. Well that tactic works for 85% of the population, but there are folks that are like me that just can't lose weight, even when we starve ourselves. Haleh understands that weight not necessarily be something that is driven by food intake, but that some people have weight issues because something has gone hay wire in their body and/or brain. Haleh continues to help me get healthier at a pace that is comfortable for my physical abilities. She is very patient with me, but at the same time will not allow me to slither out of doing things. She is truly the best health care professional that I have EVER dealt with.
Tom A
Changing Eating Habits Excellent first session--Haleh explained how the body works and when the body best converts food into fuel and consequently when it is best to eat.
Lamia B
Amazing Haleh is an amazing nutritionist, with a great knowledge about the body and inflammation
Very Helpful! I appreciate the time Haleh took explaining the best nutritional options for my body. She explained everything so it was easy to understand and to apply to my life. I would highly recommend Haleh.
Ashley T
Wonderful Haleh is amazing! She has been working to try and help me manage my chronic inflammation though food. She has been gentle and helped me make small changes that don't feel to overwhelming.
Pat M
Awesome! Very knowledgeable and great advice. Still early in my program, but positive we will get things sorted out and get results.
Dayana D
Haleh Olsen My visit with Haleh was extremely helpful. she is very detailed and thorough in terms of giving her patients an ample time to go over their complaints and health issues. after she listens carefully to their pain, she explains medically the reason behind the pain and gives many remedies. more importantly, she is a very personable person and you would really enjoy talking to her. I highly recommend her!
Michele P
Wonderful Learning Experience I've been seeing Haleh for about 5 months now and I've thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience. She is patient and experienced, full of knowledge about nutrition and how our bodies respond. She is easily reachable thru various methods, always responsive. She offers guidance and suggestions, making the learning process as easy as possible. The entire experience has been very interesting, helpful and comfortable. I would highly recommend Haleh to friends and family.
Manuella C
Manuella Campos Haleh is an amazing professional it's incredible how she taught me all that I need to know about my body. She's also really patient which helped me a lot because I was completely lost and confused with all we find on internet about diets. Thank you so much for your help, I'm looking forward to see you again.
Julie D
the best Haleh has been so helpful for me and my autoimmune disorder and for my daughter. She combines both the nerdy science of nutrition and has a wonderful, fun way of educating and inspiring her clients. I am so thankful for her and her expertise.
Excited about nutrition This was my first time seeing a nutritionist and I was nervous about it. Not only did I leave feeling better but I left feeling excited about my new journey with Haleh and food, something I haven't felt about food/eating in a long time. Haleh is non-judgemental, knowledgeable, sensitive and will give you a new perspective on feeding your body.
Carissa H
Awesome! Haleh is amazing! She is warm hearted and very understanding. I have troubles with chronic diseases and with Haleh's help I've been able to start to manage my issues when no other doctors have been able to help! She has been so helpful and I always look forward to our visits!
Cynthia Rea C
Very supportive I've never been to a nutritionist before, always thinking;"I know what they will say and I know it already. I need help in DOING it." More than giving me information, Haleh has helped me do it. I would recommend her to others.
L Buch
Amazing My most favorite thing about Haleh is that she does not look at me like I am crazy when I say that made me teeth hurt. She says hmm, that must mean that your body cannot tolerate that thing right now, so let's work on something else and come back to that later. She does not push things onto me that my body won't tolerate she says, well let's try something else. She is hugely open to listening to me and my hypersensitive body.
Myrlino H
Honu is outstanding! Haleh Olsen is authentic and genuine about helping you achieve your ultimate health through proper nutrition. I have visited with her in the past few months and implemented her advise and suggestions. I have improved my diet, eating habits, and can now see the positive affect on my general health. Thank you Haleh!!!
L Buch
I'm So Happy Haleh really takes the time to get to know her clients. She wants to work with her clients and not preach to them! That is such a blessing, not to be told how poorly I look, but to be encouraged with her kind words. At no point do I ever feel that she is passing judgment as she is ever so curious as to why the human body reacts the way it does. She truly wants to work as a team to get her clients to feel better. She is one of the best health care providers around. She is an all around Care Giver! I’m so Thankful that fate has brought us together!
Cindee C
Highly Recommended I have been to a number of nutritionists in my life but I can honestly say that Haleh Olsen of Honu Nutrition is the best and here is why. Haleh understands the demands and challenges of living in the “real world” and from there gives realistic and practical advice with solutions that are extremely easy to implement. She lets you know that you don't have to be perfect but operates from the principle that "A little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing". If you are struggling with trying to live that healthy lifestyle that seems impossible, Haleh will be able to get you on the right track!
connie S
Great service I really appreciate all you done for me I have learned a lot thank you
terry f
appointment review Haleh epitomizes what it means to be a professional in the caring professions! She is caring, supportive, well informed, highly knowledgeable and empathetic! She is an outstanding nonjudgmental listener. She possesses an excellent memory and is able to skillfully identify and synthesize treatment options.
danielle w
A God send! Haleh is a terrific provider and wonderful human being! She is knowledgable and kind. She is the kind of person how inspires change instead of pushing people to it. She never overwhelms you and makes things easy and straight forward. i would recommend her wholeheartedly!
Dawn G
She's the best! I have been on a diet roller coaster my entire life. I have lost weight and gained it back and have destroyed my metabolism while doing so. Haleh has helped me to learn that dieting is not the answer. She has also helped me see that old habits CAN be broken, and that it is never too late for change. And the best part? She is right there beside me, helping and encouraging me every step of the way. It's all about positive changes and baby steps to get there. Small victories can bring huge reward. For me, Haleh has made the difference between failure and success. I couldn't do it without you Haleh!
Myrlino H
Honu is outstanding!!! Haleh is an excellent and passionate nutritionist! She does not simply prescribe but listens thoroughly and conveys pertinent information that improves general health.
edwin f
Review of services Haleh is a professional, well-informed, compassionate, caring, knowledgeable nutritionist who demonstrates a high level of concern and provides excellent insights into nutritional needs. I recommend her most highly at feel truly blessed to have her provide insights/wisdom regarding my needs.
Sue M
Haleh is an amazing nutritionist! It was reluctance that I tried yet another nutritionist since most I've seen were dreadful. But Haleh is so different in a very good way. Her approach is holistic and educational and wanting to bring my body back to a state of health and balance, not a number on a scale or a calorie count. There are no pre-printed diets that she hands to everyone no matter why they're there. Everything is personalized for my own situation, health, lifestyle and I could not be happier with her. I understand things about my metabolism now that nobody every took the time to teach me. I *highly* recommend her!
connie S
Nutrition I really enjoyed my visit yesterday😊 I' think I will learn alot
The Right Choice... Dealing with numerous professionals in the medical industry for the last seven years has proven to be a very difficult process when trying to find the right individuals to help me recover after a life changing incident. My first meeting with Haleh proved that I had made the right choice. She makes me feel welcome, intently listens, and brings a mountain of knowledge and research to the table during every appointment. I am very fortunate to have found Haleh and am very excited that she is now a part of my medical team. If you are looking for someone who will make it their mission to help you with your mission, well, look no further.
Kate D
Competition to Cooperation I've done diets that required me to control my body and force it to do what I want, and it stopped working. This is totally different -- Haleh helps me make changes so that my body and I are working together, while also acknowledging the impacts of emotions on my appetites and hormones. I feel freed from sadistic diet plans!
Holistic and Customized Haleh takes the time to really understand my lifestyle and any physical, social and emotional considerations that require nutritional support. I am in an unusually busy season of life, and she suggests great "micro" changes each session which are building off of each other to support my body and lifestyle in a holistic way.
Outstanding I am very pleased with my encounter with Honu Nutrition. Holeh is wonderful and she is very attentive to detail and is realistic anout work/life/food balance. She is outstanding.
Christy L
Personal and caring After listening to my health story, Haleh gave me some baby steps to begin the journey toward wellness. She is so personal, caring and knowledgeable...I look forward to more.